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MUSE.Muse is the photographic exploration of Joanna Halpin and her dreams of becoming a top fashion model. At 21, Joanna studies Graphics at Falmouth University but has always dreamt of a career in modelling. I first met her at the Falmouth fashion show last may; I saw her auditioning to be in the show and she caught my eye instantly. The way she carried and dressed herself was that of a professional model. .When the show commenced, I photographed mainly backstage with the hair and makeup and itís then when I began to become focussed on photographing her; I saw something in her. Her blonde hair contrasted to her dark eyebrows and her lips and eyes stood out giving her an edge - she didnít look white British, a couple of us thought she looked Brazilian and others saw her with an Eastern European look. But whatever look she had, it worked in front of the camera..It started off as one studio shoot but her look intrigued me and I just wanted to keep photographing her. These portraits look into my fascination with the aspirational model and our relationship through the lens. Iíve tried to capture her beauty in a series of observed, set up and styled shoots with changes in camera, clothes, locations, lighting and styling. .Itís been common in the past that photographers form a connection with their model and become inspired by them in creating art works and portraits of just these people; their muses. Andy Warholís muse was Edie Sedgewick, David Baileyís was Jean Shrimpton and Mario Testinoís still is Kate Moss; mine is Joanna Halpin...Joanna has since become a model for leading online fashion retailer, ASOS.