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Roy Figgis - Medieval 13th/14th Century Attire. Part of "Living History Portraits"<br />
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Living History Portraits - Scott Garfitt<br />
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Series Description:<br />
The term “Living History” coins a movement within which participants look to reenact and explore different time periods through traditional means. The use of period dress and reenactment forms an ever-growing trend that sees large numbers of people bringing history to physicality. Living History acts as both a recreational and educational tool through which is focused towards a greater understanding of times gone by.<br />
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Context:<br />
The following series is a collection of portraits that aim to convey the character of traders at the International Living History Fair in Bruntingthorpe. Whilst also looking to show the scope of involvement by all walks of life; with the hope to provoke the questioning of any assumed stereotypes that are often associated with the movement itself.