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Nyembesi Chitsote takes a moment to herself after meeting with Patson Muzuwa about her Asylum Case. She fled to the UK in 2000, after she was threatened by ZANU-PF youths who came to here home and destroyed all of her belongings, demanding that she go to ZANU-PF organised village meetings. Hers is a legacy case, as she applied before 2004. She only applied because of 'word of mouth' that one needs to actually apply for asylum in order to remain in the UK. The Home Office lost her initial papers, passport and evidence. Upon her fresh application in 2009 she was rejected and has since been destitute, after an interview which sought to determine whether or not she was in fact a Zimbabwean and had indeed come from Marondera, a district near the capital of Harare. The attempted this by asking her questions such as, ?how many votes did MDC get in Marondera that year.? Loneliness, fear, uncertainty, and lack of purpose are said to be the number one causes of an epidemic of acute depression and suicides amongst Zimbabwean Women.