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Brixton Stylists celebrates Afro-Caribeean Multiculturalism in London. This portrait series was produced in two different Barber Shops where it is typical of the male community to gather and spend quality time talking to their friends. .-.The first influx of immigrants from the West Indies arrived in the UK in the late 1940's after the World War II. The South of London became an area synonym of the Afro-Caribbean community. The Afro-Caribbean culture in Brixton has become a popular attraction for any kind of crowd despite its reputation for high crimes rates and gangs. It is now considered one of the trendiest and most alternative places in the city. ..Vaughan. "My mother is British and my father is from Nigeria. My mother was always true to her origins but my father's cultural influences have been more evident in our lives. I am British but African at Heart." .